September - Letters & Order forms will be mailed out to schools!

In September "Coat letters" are mailed to school nurses and agencies requesting the number and gender of coats required for children in need. Members of the Coat Committee arrive at stores with lists and coupons in hand looking for the best bargins, colors, and styles. Hand made hats, scarves and mittens are made by members and Associate Friends and are lovingly placed in the sleeves.

In 2009 coat distribuition was expanded to include preschool children. These coats are distributed to agencies and organizations who have identified children in need. A business card was placed in the pocket of each coat stating: "This is a gift from the Christ Child Society with love and prayers."

Last year the CCS distributed 584 new winter coats to the children of Cape May County. If you would like to donate to this please see information on website or call us at 609-602-7682.

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